Data Collection

We run daily batches on extensive amount of data, aggregate it and extract intelligence. Information is extracted using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and statistical models.

Easy to Consume APIs

The extracted information is automatically deployed in a scallable web cluster that provides fast reliable APIs.

ZuriAnalytics is currently working on and improving our pilot products, but we also offer customized solutions


Fast & Secure VAT Validation API


Quality ETF fundamental data, updated daily

Group Ecards

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ZuriAnalytics Technical Director and Co-Founder Slavin Donchev

Slavin Donchev

Technical Director & Co-founder

Slavin has over 10 years of experience as a big data architect.

ZuriAnalytics Marketing Director and Co-Founder Dayana Doncheva

Dayana Doncheva

Marketing Director & Co-founder

Dayana has been working in digital marketing for big brands since 2013.

ZuriAnalytics Senior Data Analyst Simeon Yankulov

Simeon Yankulov

Senior Data Analyst

Simeon has multiple years of experience in IT.

ZuriAnalytics Creative Director Ivelina Ivanova

Ivelina Ivanova

Creative Director

Ivelina has over 6 years of experience in illustration, brand identity and UI/UX design.

ZuriAnalytics Software Engineer Yordan Dimitrov

Yordan Dimitrov

Software Engineer

Yordan has multiple years of experience in IT.